Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal
Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal

Today’s leading edge options lead to successful new beginnings

Surgical Sperm Retrieval
Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Redefining what’s possible in restoring fertility

Microsurgical Varicocele Repair
Microsurgical Varicocele Repair

Results, plus reduced pain, risk and recovery.

Specializing in Treating Male Infertility and Sexual Function

Dr. Dan French, an experienced board-certified urologist, is fellowship trained in male fertility and sexual health, and specializes in today’s latest medical treatments and minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as:

  • Microsurgical vasectomy reversal
  • No-scalpel vasectomy
  • Surgical sperm retrieval
  • Microsurgery to treat varicoceles

From the first visit to our Dallas urology clinic, you’ll feel comfortable with your decision to partner with a urologist with fellowship training in male infertility and microsurgery. Dr. French comprehensively treats urologic conditions, but chose a sub-specialty that focuses on male infertility and sexual function. Dr. French is widely regarded in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as an expert at providing personalized, progressive care to restore or preserve fertility and sexual function.

Helping You Overcome Male Infertility

Dr. French completed fellowship training in male infertility, and can resolve even the most complex causes of male infertility, often with minimally invasive techniques. For most men, a fertility workup with Dr. French will involve only semen analysis, a physical exam, and in some cases blood work.  On occasion, more advanced testing is necessary.

Dr. French can then develop an effective treatment plan to address physical obstruction, hormonal imbalances or other semen disorders. For instance, men with no sperm in the semen (azoospermia) can sometimes overcome infertility with surgical sperm retrieval.  In men with fertility impaired by dilated veins in the scrotum (varicocele), microsurgical varicocele repair can enhance fertility with minimal recovery time.

Innovative male infertility treatment, under the direction of a skilled physician like Dr. French, can pave the way for you to experience the joy of fatherhood.

Restoring Sexual Function

Ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual desire can significantly impact a man’s life. Dr. French routinely treats erectile dysfunction. In addition to medical therapies, he offers surgical options such as penile prosthesis implantation or correction of Peyronie’s disease.

Dr. French certainly recognizes that men feel uneasy seeing any doctor, let alone a urologist that treats sensitive health issues. His approachable and compassionate nature puts patients at ease, and they soon can evaluate the honest answers and potential treatment options that can improve their lives.

Contact us at the Dallas urology office of Dr. Dan French. For more than five years, men in Dallas, Plano and the entire state of Texas have partnered with Dr. French for compassionate care and optimal results.

(214) 360-1535

Urologist Dr Dan French Talks About Vasectomy Reversal Options

Dr. Dan French Voted Best Dallas Urologist 2015

Best Dallas Urologist 2015

Male Fertility Financing

Male Fertility Financing Options

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