Men’s Sexual Health

Dr. French is Uniquely Qualified to Treat Men’s Sexual Health

A normal sex drive and sexual function contribute to a man’s overall quality of life. Dr. Dan French is experienced in helping men overcome barriers to normal sexual function. Some men fail to seek treatment for sexual dysfunction because they are uncomfortable, or unaware of their options. Dr. French is sensitive to this and helps to ease his patient’s anxiety with a casual but respectful demeanor.

The fact is that sexual dysfunction is quite common, occurring in one out of three American men.

Problems such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone or premature ejaculation can interfere with normal sexual function. When sexual dysfunction is caused by physical or hormonal problems, Dr. French offers practical solutions and effective treatments, from testosterone pellets to penile implants.

Evaluating Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. French can rule out many causes of sexual dysfunction with a review of symptoms and testing to evaluate sexual health. For example, a physical exam alone can identify Peyronie’s Disease, a cause of erectile dysfunction. If necessary, further testing is usually limited to blood work.

Erectile dysfunction may result from side effects of medication, high blood pressure, diseases such as diabetes, and other health factors. Stress and depression can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Dr. French will work with you to identify the cause of sexual dysfunction, and to develop an individualized treatment plan.

In many cases, oral medications can correct the problem. This is not a one size fits all approach, however. Depending on the individual, certain medications may be more appropriate than others. When oral medications are not effective, other treatment options are available.

Dr. French also offers various therapies for other forms of sexual dysfunction such as ejaculation disorders or low testosterone.

Am I a Candidate for a Penile Implant?

Men with erectile dysfunction associated with Peyronie’s Disease or erectile dysfunction that has not responded to simple treatments may consider a penile implant. Dr. French will recommend first-line treatments such as oral medications and lifestyle changes before progressing to a penile implant, but if necessary, Dr. French offers the latest implant technology

Sexual dysfunction impacts men of all ages. Around 33 percent of men will experience premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or hormonal imbalances in their lifetimes. When you seek treatment, insist on a board certified urologist who is also fellowship trained in male infertility and andrology and takes your Men’s health issues to heart

You don’t have to live with sexual dysfunction. Contact us at the Dallas urology office of Dr. French for a consultation.

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Surgical Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

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